Genetically Talented

My cute little sister (not so little actually … she’s 20 but she is cute ;p) surprized me with an email today. I was surprized because being a new generation kid that she is, she is not the kind to email. Texts and instant messaging are more her style. Instant gratification: her generation’s motto. Surprized as I was to see her name in the From list, I was even more surprized to see ‘sketchy’ in the subject line. The email had an attachment! Heart skipped a beat. Did she really pull herself away from the silly TLC shows she watches endlessly on her off days?  Did she actually attempt at something creative? Her? My sister? The ‘4.0 GPA but oh I hate reading any fiction nonsense’ sister? The ‘I can’t believe you enjoy writing’ sister? Excitedly, I clicked to open the email attachment and immediately uttered the words that had to be spoken out loud for their full effect: “Ah! talented genes.” :p Am I gloating? Hey, it is my blog :p. Well, here is what she sent me:

I only view it with sisterly love. Critically, I shall never view it but you are welcome to. :)

Genius resides in thy child, I needn’t know!!

During my recent trip to India, I met a few new parents. They are all my husband’s friends from his university days. There also were relatives who’ve had children in the past couple of years. I hadn’t experienced spending time with new parents before that considering that I am the oldest in my family and most of my friends are still unmarried or got married at the same time as me and are still kidless. Had I known what I would go through, I might’ve thought twice before agreeing to visit husband’s friends with him.

Before I go on to express my anguish, I must state that all parents I met were first-time parents. Perhaps they would be different the second time around. The general consensus of all of them this time though was that their own child was certainly one of the cleverest things to have existed. I understand that it is natural for a parent to feel that way about their child especially the first child but, really, I don’t want to know! It doesn’t really seem a big deal to me if a two year old can mumble a few unintelligible words. “Oh he can count up to three too. Isn’t he great? Pappu, count 1, 2, 3. Aww good boy. Come here. Mama wants to kiss Pappu. Pappu makes Mama proud!” Umm Great, but I remember my sister singing nursery rhymes in clear comprehensible English when she was two and a couple months. “Look, Pappu just broke the television screen. Isn’t he clever? How could he analyze that throwing a heavy object into the screen would break it? Aww good boy. Come here. Mama wants to kiss Pappu. Pappu makes Mama proud!”

Argh! Height of frustration! But I sat through it all, sat with a smile fixated on my face and awwing and oohing as much as I could. There are no mothers or fathers in the world who think that their child is less than anyone else in the world but some just take it a step further. The over-obsessed-with-their-child kinds constantly announce their child’s achievements to any audience who they can trap. Most of the mentioned achievements are just a part of normal growing up for a child as far as I’m concerned. The audience, however, is forced to listen out of courtesy. Add in the mix of gloating grandparents to the set of over enthused parents too. You have a perfect recipe of getting a splitting headache from too much smiling, awwing and oohing.

Why can’t these parents just keep their affection within their household walls and not try to make it public knowledge? Discuss with each other, call up the kids’ grandparents and feel happy together, vent it out in a journal entry, or better yet, start a blog! I suggested that to one of the ladies in India who had nothing else but her Pappu to talk about. In reply, she said shyly, “Oh no no, I don’t have anything to write about him.” Err?!? I really doubt that you don’t have anything to write considering that you do have plenty to talk about him. Is it by any chance that you wouldn’t get the instant gratification that you get out of torturing people live?


In short, my request to all you parents who are madly in love with your children that you can’t find enough words to describe their new antics and the new things that they teach you, please get yourself either a diary and a pen or a blog. Write about it. Reflect on those thoughts. Feel good about them. Please don’t impose them on innocent, unsuspecting friends/strangers who really don’t care to know about the first time your little one used the potty without any assistance no matter how cute it really was. It also doesn’t matter to the rest of us if your kid accomplished potty training much before than an average kid does. We don’t want to know child statistics and how your kid fits in the top slot in almost every category. We don’t really care. Talk to their grandparents. They might be interested. Better yet, blog away!! :)