It is confirmed

Oops it has been nearly a month and I never updated this blog. I am so sorry. Yes, she is here. :) She was born on the morning of June 10th, and it has been an uphill hike for me ever since. More than physical exhaustion, I find this transition emotionally draining. Mommy guilt has started to eat me up already over every little decision that I make for her. Like every mother, I want the best for her and if I feel that I am unable to provide that, I beat myself over it. It was the worst when hormones were wacky crazy in the first two weeks but I am learning to forgive myself for things that I think I should be doing for her but am physically incapable of at times. A woman has to sleep sometimes too. Yes, motherhood has begun. :)

Labor and delivery went picture perfect! I was ready to birth another child immediately after delivery until I hit postpartum phase where I was left alone with this new life to take care of by myself. Now I am not so sure. :p The easy pregnancy and super-easy labor/delivery had made me too relaxed I think. I was so not ready for the challenges that followed. I’ll write more about it in detail soon. I am doing well, baby is doing great, Pati finally shaved today haha, and we are a family now. Weird it is to know that we are a family of three now. :) Woo. It’ll take some time for me to digest it.

So yes, we have a baby now. Aww. Pari is here. :)


29 thoughts on “It is confirmed

  1. Aww Aww and more Awww.. Lots of love to Pari darling and hugs to you dear..Mommyhood is a long long journey and it has just begun…enjoy every bit of it and lock up guilt in closet ;) it can rest there for some while now :)

    Take lot of rest :) Hope the delivery was smooth for you…

    Lots of love to the baby,once more :) I’m teary !

  2. Congratulations! Just remember, mommy guilt doesn’t help anything. Do not feel bad about taking care of yourself first or asking for help. You need to sleep and you need to eat. What good is it to baby if you let yourself suffer when you end up in the hospital or worse. Sleep when the baby sleeps and keeps plenty of quick food (cereal is the best! LOL) on hand. Baby won’t remember that you let her cry for a few minutes so you could have some sustenance and therefore won’t be scarred for life.

    Take care of your marriage too. A happy mommy and daddy make for a happy family. it is easy to let baby take over the house, this isn’t healthy as then people start getting resentful. Ask for help when you need it and if someone want to “help with the baby” tell them what I told my family and friends…I don’t need help with the baby, I need someone to wash my clothes. ;-)


  3. Aww Thanks Guys! I’ll update her birth story soon!!! As soon as I catch a breath.

    @Gamermomma: EXACTLY! I agree. I dont need help with the baby but with the chores! u are right.

  4. Congratulations Roop ! Take care of yourself, only then you would be able to take care of Pari. Nothing can prepare you for is a 24*7 task. So, come over the mommy guilt and post a pic of the little Pari when time permits you to do so.

  5. Congratulations, Roop and her Pati! Welcome, Little One.

    Sorry Roop, I am late with my badhaiyaan – been run over by deadlines and assorted relatives so haven’t been reading my favorite blogs for a long time.

  6. Congrats Roop… Hope the new phase brings much more happiness.. and dont have any guilty feeling.. Its all good and well… take care of yourself and the little Pari…

  7. Derlurking to say Congrats.
    And the first few weeks are the most difficult more so as we need to deal with the post partum depression.So I am sure you will sail through now.Enjoy your time admiring your pari :)

  8. Went for a vacation and missed congratulating you…

    God bless the little one and her lovely family..

    nd she is a gemini like my fist born… let me tell you that she is going to be an independant lady long before you want her to be :)

    Let me also go to your later posts and read it all…. was looking forward to see you in the mother’s role…..

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